Saturday 31st August / Sunday 1st September

The celebrations for this weekend were led by Reverend Canon Emeritus Rosalind Brown, Canon Emeritus of Durham Cathedral. 

The weekend began with Morning Prayer at Haydon Old Church followed by  a pilgrimage walk from Haydon Bridge to Beltingham with midday prayer at St. Cuthbert's Church.

Evensong at St. Cuthbert's Church was followed by drinks and supper at the Old Vicarage. Many thanks to Anne and John Galbraith for their kind hospitality.

A Patronal Eucharist was held at St Cuthbert's Church, Haydon Bridge on Sunday morning. Reverend Brown gave two very interesting and informative sermons about the lives of Aidan and Cuthbert. A book she suggested to learn more about Cuthbert is 'Cuthbert on Farne' by Katharine Tiernan published in 2019.