These are regular Sunday and weekday reflections and resources which come with suggestions for Psalms and Readings to complement our ongoing pattern of Morning and Evening Prayer.


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Psalms and Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer from Ascension Day to Pentecost

Thy Kingdom Comes Readings and Prayers (smaller at 530KB)

Thy Kingdom Comes Readings and Prayers Booklet (large at 4.85MB)

Prayer Requests

If you would like someone to pray for you, or with you, please

Prayer Booklets

This booklet contains...

  • orders for Morning Prayer, which we'll be saying daily at 9am
  • orders for Evening Prayer, which we'll be saying daily at 5pm

These services are ordinarily streamed live, and then available to follow later, on our Facebook page.

Download the continuous version of the booklet to read onscreen

or the booklet form to print here

This document offers prayers for use in your own time.

Our Faith

Stained Glass Window

Here you will find  blog content from Benjamn and Gill, some information about our Mission Action Plan and about a national initiative, Leading Your Church into Growth, which our parishes are embracing.

Parishes by the Wall - Historic Churches, Holy Spaces, Heavenly Places

Historic Churches

The two churches of our parish remind us of the abiding presence of communities of faith and Christian worship in this landscape for nearly two-thousand years. Through regular worship, events, and activity they continue to be places of  prayer and thanksgiving at the heart of our communities in which all of life is celebrated.

Holy Spaces

In our parish, you will find many different ways of exploring our place in God’s story. Some of these will be in familiar Holy Spaces; such as the regular pattern of daily prayer or regular worship on a Sunday morning. Some Holy Spaces you will find for yourself, in the peace of our Churches and grounds, or the stillness of creation.

Heavenly Places

Our churches and the spaces we find are all held in the beauty of our landscape which continues to inspire lives of faith and wonder as it always has. These Heavenly Places are places of rest, of physical and spiritual explorations, and a vision of the plains of heaven we are privileged to call home.

Mission Action Plan

Our Mission Action Plan  acts as a focus for the  activity in our Parish for the coming three years. This booklet is an outline of what we have all helped shape – beginning with the ‘Mission Priorities’ identified at open meetings in early 2015., You can download a copy here (but please note this is a big file at 10.6MB).