View of Benjamin's  Study with video camera showing

Dear Friend

During this strange season we are living through it has been wonderful to hear about the growth in prayer and reflection that has developed in the Parishes by the Wall and beyond.

As we look to this season continuing for some time I wanted to write to let you know about a couple of developments and "tweaks" in our regular pattern of prayer.

  • From today (Monday 11 May) Evening Prayer will be said each day at 6pm rather than 5pm to fit a little more easily with Vicarage daily life.
  • Our website is now kept fully up to date with general resources (such as our pattern of Morning and Evening Prayer), weekly resources (such as the "extras" for Sunday morning worship and a video of that worship). There is also a growing library of the reflections which have been produced through this period.
  • A week on Thursday is Ascension Day. To mark this great feast Morning Prayer on Thursday 21st May will be a fuller service (in the pattern of our Sunday morning worship) for Ascension Day.
  • Again we are being encouraged to pray daily "Thy Kingdom Come"between Ascension Day and Pentecost. To support this we will continue to use our daily pattern of Morning and Evening Prayer and use, as in Holy Week, seasonal changes to reflect this. Details of these additions to the regular pattern of Morning and Evening Prayer for "Thy Kingdom Come" will be made available next week.

As we continue to walk through this wilderness-season together we will continue to make changes to our patterns of prayer and worship to reflect our changing reality. For instance I am now praying most days in at least one of our church buildings for the life of these Parishes. Please do let me know of any suggestions or changes to our regular pattern that you would find helpful, and also let me know of any prayer requests you would like kept as part of our regular pattern of prayer; we can never be over informed about prayer!

This comes, as ever, with my prayers and best wishes,