From this Sunday there will be a service at 10.30am at both St Cuthbert’s Haydon Bridge and All Hallows’ Henshaw alternating each week between a Benefice Eucharist and said service of Morning Prayer. We hope that this regularity will help those who would like to come to Church after a break or for the first time.
This Sunday we will worship at:

9am: Morning Prayer with Hymns and Reflection: Streamed on
10.30am: Said Morning Prayer followed by time for Private Prayer: St Cuthbert’s Haydon Bridge
10.30am: Benefice Eucharist: All Hallows’ Henshaw

Hymns, Reading and Resources for worship
at the 9am online service,
using our  regular pattern of Morning Prayer

At the name of Jesus
    every knee shall bow,
every tongue confess him
    King of glory now:
’tis the Father's pleasure
    we should call him Lord,
who from the beginning
    was the mighty Word.

Humbled for a season,
    to receive a name
from the lips of sinners
    unto whom he came,
faithfully he bore it
    spotless to the last,
brought it back victorious,
    when from death he passed:

Name him, Christians, name him,
    with love strong as death,
but with awe and wonder
    and with bated breath:
he is God the Saviour,
    he is Christ the Lord,
ever to be worshipped,
    trusted, and adored.

Surely, this Lord Jesus
    shall return again,
with his Father's glory,
    with his angel train;
for all wreaths of empire
    meet upon his brow,
and our hearts confess him
    King of glory now.

Words: Caroline Maria Noel (1817–1877)
Readings and Psalm
The Benedictus 
Now bless the God of Israel who comes in love and power,
who raises from the royal house deliv’rance in this hour.
Through holy prophets God has sworn to free us from alarm,
to save us from the heavy hand of all who wish us harm.
Remembering the covenant, God rescues us from fear,
that we might serve in holiness and peace from year to year.
And you, my child, shall go before, to preach, to prophesy,
that all may know the tender love, the grace of God most high.
In tender mercy, God will send the dayspring from on high,
our rising sun, the light of life for those who sit and sigh.
God comes to guide our way to peace, 
    that death shall reign no more.
Sing praises to the Holy One, O worship and adore.
To God the Father, fount of grace, through his beloved Son,
with God their Spirit, bond of love, be glory ever One.

Words:  Ruth Duck

Collect for Sixteenth Sunday of Trinity
Lord of creation,
whose glory is around and within us:
open our eyes to your wonders,
that we may serve you with reverence
and know your peace at our lives’ end,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

 Love is his word, love is his way,
feasting with all, fasting alone,
living and dying, rising again;
love, only love, is his way.
    Richer than gold is the love of my Lord,
    better than splendour and wealth.

Love is his way, love is his mark,
sharing his last Passover feast,
Christ at the table, host to the twelve;
love, only love, is his mark.

Love is his name, love is his law,
hear his command, all who are his:
‘Love one another; I have loved you.’
Love, only love, is his law.

Love is his law, love is his word:
love of the Lord, Father and Word,
love of the Spirit, God ever one;
love, only love, is his word.

Words: Luke Connaughton (1917–1979)
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